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of Nazar

Nazar K. I.
Front-end Developer

Welcome to my personal corner of the web. I've created this website with the aim of presenting my skill set to potential employers, which is showcased through my Portfolio . It also serves as a place for me to share my ongoing learning through my Blog

About Me

I'm a front-end developer who's self-taught and finds pleasure in building visually pleasing, user-centric applications. My enthusiasm for this field has led me to gain experience in UX research and UI design. The intersection of these fields has allowed me to develop an understanding of various aspects, such as writing clean and maintainable code, performing software testing, understanding user behavior, validating assumptions, ensuring site-wide accessibility, and principles of visual design.

If my skillset aligns with your needs and you believe I can help envision your project or add value to your team, feel free to contact me . I am looking for new opportunities.

What I Do

Web Development

As a front-end developer, I have a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as Svelte and SvelteKit. Whether I'm working with handed-off UI designs or starting from scratch, I strive to develop websites that are user-centric, visually appealing, accessible, and robust.

However, I understand the importance of time constraints in real-world projects, and therefore, I approach the development process with a progressive enhancement mindset. This allows me to quickly produce minimum viable products (MVPs) or early functioning versions of websites.

Product Research

I recognize the importance of creating products that satisfy the needs and expectations of customers. To achieve this goal, valuable insights need to be gathered from both qualitative and quantitative research, including identifying the needs, expectations, and behaviors of the target audience, conducting market research on similar products, performing comprehensive competitive analysis, and testing MVPs. By utilizing these and other market research techniques, a seamless user experience can be achieved, and worthwhile product features can be discovered that provide value to customers.

To ensure a product remains competitive in the market and meets the expectations of its user, the product research process needs to be iterated over periodically with new inputs, such as user feedback and current market trends. This iterative process is required to build products that meet user expectations.

Web Design

Similar to product research, I approach each project with a user-centric mindset. I begin by taking into account applicable insights gathered during the product research phase, such as user needs, preferences, and pain points. Additionally, I gain an understanding of the product's features and the problem it aims to solve. Using this information, I explore possible solutions through various iterations by creating multiple sketches and wireframes. These visualizations are used to determine the layout structure, content hierarchy, navigation, and user flows of the website, which, in turn, help in identifying usability issues early in the design process.

After sketches and wireframes, I carefully select typography, brand colours, and imagery, and create icons, elements, and components for the website. These are used to produce responsive, high-fidelity, interactive prototypes that are put through usability testing and questionnaires to identify usability and accessibility issues.

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